To all the fakers out there..

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To all the fakers out there..

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:46 am

I just have some thoughts on some things: Compassion has its own beauty. People should not fake this beauty because at the end whats love is love n whats hate is hate.. secrets are truth n thus real.. dress it up as u may.. u are your true colors even if its for a while.. isn't it better to deal with whats real.. accept your feelings.. a stitch in time could save nine..

It never too late.. and even if it is accept your changes, take what you have n move on or deal with it..

Be true to your emotions and live your life. Enjoy the benefits of a free world. What do you think?

If you didn't get it. Here a context:
There a society in the medieval times but still literally living in the free world, where the ruler is gr8 n the people love him and think so except for an unfair practice of his. Lets say he tends to shear his pomeranian dogs fur like a sheep (sorry, couldn't come up with a better example, will try to change it if possible Razz) , even if its winter. The dog is a national figure and the people love it.

They know its wrong but don't go as far as thinking it because it would be like rebelling from the king. Now this is how it goes; they ignore their thoughts to not think badly of the kings action. Thus they can't do their duties straight. Thus they're are stressed out too. They can't look at dogs. The children are the only ones who are able to articulate about how a dog needs fur in the winter and thus sensible but still wondering whats wrong with their parents.

Communities break out to be free from schedule and in thought, because of the stress. The people put on fake smiles. This saddens many and may even provoke angry rebellious actions. What if a talented someone, stepped into this world happy and oblivious to all this. The people would be jealous of him and may not accept change, etc.

Thus the kingdom thus doesn't progress much and is doomed if you would call it that. Just because of a pea in the mattress.

Now the king didn't make the people shear their dogs too. Okay, maybe they can't tell the king about the issue as he would have them beheaded. But they could at least accept the issue or that the king did this out of foolishness or indifference or cruelty, etc. and that he seems the aforementioned or know the unfairness of it all even if they were forced to shave their dogs.
This gives a chance or a bank of hope for a better society or the next generation. What do you think?

I am not saying they should rebel. I think non violence has its benefits but I think each person should be true to their feelings and sort them out by ethics and know where they stand and maybe vent or communicate to a loved one or whomever.

What I'm saying is one may not have to judge oneself (especially too quickly) or others, but one may have a notion or a point of view. Obvious doubts may be cleared out and the world may be unknown.

What do you say about all this? Opposing thoughts, views are welcome.


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