Bullies. An Ode.

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Bullies. An Ode.

Post  Admin on Thu May 27, 2010 7:52 pm

Bullies can be harsh and bad I agree. And also that to have a foolproof law and order system, each and every complaint should go through procedure and proved rite before it is resolved. But that another story. But have you ever thought about bullies? What makes them tick? Well, its obvious their already ticked. Maybe they need love and compassion too to settle the problem and resolve their problems, just like everybody else. Usually bullies are cowards themselves:

Here is a ode from a reformed bully. Or better yet a person possibly going through a hard time and who may have some reasons to become a bully but doesn't (misunderstood!):

Your judgment slaps me on my face,
Your indifference spears me,
Your ignorance blinds me,
but I'll be there for u Smile

Doesn't it just about make you cry? Well, maybe just as Fred Claus says, there are no bad kids, and they just need a chance. Maybe not. I think everyone deserves a second chance though, don't u? Oops switched topics again..
Anyways, what do you think? Also, please feel free to post topics of your own.


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